Every comic can be a satisfying read!

But with so many series available, which stories are right for you?


First – ALFRED aggregates thousands of critic reviews from across the internet.

Second – Every issue, graphic novel, and series is rated ★ to ★★★★★. 

Third – Every series is rated 0% to 100%, averaging 50%.

What gets scored?

Any series with enough critical reviews to responsibly assign an ALFRED score.

This mostly results in DC, Marvel, and Image comics 2010-to-present, but includes many others!

ALFRED only scores series, meaning it will run for a minimum of two issues.

Why DC, Marvel, and Image?

These publishers garner enough critical reception to assign an ALFRED score.

A few standout series outside of the Big Three are listed as More.

How is ALFRED calculated?

With tons and tons of data.

Maximum possible scores depending on the number of issues in a series are determined, and ALFRED is the percentage of that that maximum score.

What are the ALFRED and rating relationships?

80% to 100%★★★★★
60% to 80%★★★★
40% to 60%★★★
20% to 40%★★
0% to 20%

ALFRED ranked [this series] too [high/low] and that formula should be changed!

Maybe! Every series can be a satisfying read! However, ALFRED separates out what the consensus says is a Must-Read.