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October 5, 2020

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What’s Included
– Series with a minimum of two issues and qualify for ALFRED

#75 The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage

Jeff Lemire
Denys Cowan
Bill Sienkiewicz

2019, Superhero – Crime

Lemire, Cowan, Sienkiewicz and Sotomayor’s take on The Question reminded critics of how great this character can be. Hopefully, we’ll see The Question again soon.

For years, Vic Sage has worn the faceless mask of the Question to clean up the streets of Hub City by sheer force of will. He knows right from wrong. He knows black from white. But what happens when he is drawn into a conspiracy that reaches from the heights of Hub City power to the depths of its underground tunnels? What happens when things stop being black-and-white and start getting a little gray? And what happens when, in a secret chamber deep beneath the city, Vic Sage meets his own end…and his new beginning?

Jonathan Hickman
R.B. Silva
Marte Gracia

2019, Superhero – Adventure

A twin title with House of X, the much-needed X-Men relaunch ended with one of the most consequential issues of the decade in this series, rewarding anyone reading the duology week-to-week, and will surely read even better collected whether it be 1 year, 10 years, or 100 years from now.

Intertwining with HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X reveals the secret past, present and future of mutantkind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men!

#73 Suicide Squad

Tom Taylor
Bruno Redondo
Adriano Lucas

2019, Superhero – Adventure

As it nears the end of its lifespan, Taylor’s take on Task Force X is filled with both the author’s trademark quips and serves as an Injustice 2 creative team reunion. Fresh characters and fresh takes on familiar faces permeate this run.

Task Force X-nicknamed the Suicide Squad-unites some of the DCU’s unlikeliest villains for its bloodiest series yet! The Squad’s new mission is to neutralize a new group of international super-terrorists known as the Revolutionaries-and not everyone on either side will make it out alive! But when the U.S. government’s most deniable team of do-badders realizes that the surviving Revolutionaries will be joining the Squad, all hell breaks loose! Who can Harley Quinn and Deadshot trust when their new teammates are the very people their crew was assigned to kill? The Suicide Squad doesn’t just need to worry about surviving their next mission… now they have to survive each other!

Jody LeHeup
Nathan Fox
Moreno DiNisio

2018, Adventure

The first of two Weatherman series in the 100, this bright and action-packed book boasts one of the highest-rating finales of any book the ALFRED database.

Nathan Bright had it all: an awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and a job as the number one weatherman on terraformed Mars. But when he’s accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history—an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth—Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target of a manhunt that spans the galaxy. But is Nathan truly responsible for such a horrific crime? And why can’t he remember?

James Tynion IV
Eryk Donovan
Dee Cunniffe

2017, Horror

Following Memetic and Cognetic, Eugenic is the high point of this universe. As Tynion IV has become a rising star at DC, his work at Boom continues to be strong.

When a plague ravages the world, one scientist discovers the cure and becomes the savior of mankind. Hope is restored, and the world rebuilds. But then people who took the cure begin having children who are… unnatural, and the definition of “normal” is forever altered.

Daniel Warren Johnson
Michael Spicer

2019, Adventure

Fresh off of Extremity, the creative duo landed the prestige Black Lavel series, resulting in another entry on the 100.

A harrowing vision of Wonder Woman unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Princess Diana of Themyscira left paradise to save Man’s World from itself. When Wonder Woman awakens from a centuries-long sleep to discover the Earth reduced to a nuclear wasteland, she knows she failed. Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering its secret of this dead Earth-and how she may be responsible for it.

James Tynion IV
Alvaro Martinez Bueno
Raul Fernandez

2018, Superhero – Fantasy

Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Detective Chimp, and Man-Bat were made for one another. Alongside notable Legion of Doom contributions in the main Justice League 2018 title (also in the 100), Tynion IV’s focus on the magical side of superheroing is his strongest book to-date – and likely earned him the main Batman title in 2020. The series hasn’t had a single issue below ★★★★ to-date.

Earth’s magic once belonged to them. Now they want the magic back. But who exactly are they? It’s up to the new Justice League Dark to find out and stop this nightmarish new threat at all costs! After the events of NO JUSTICE, team leader Wonder Woman guides the misfit magic mix of Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Detective Chimp against enemies too fantastic even for the Justice League. Plus, what awful things are coming through the Tree of Wonder? Dark days ahead…

Donny Cates
Tradd Moore
Dave Stewart

2019, Superhero – Fantasy

Cates, Moore, and Stewart’s recent take on the Silver Surfer is a short, five-issue run, in which the creative team managed a wild and touching story that is one of the high points of the character’s publication history.

Almost the entire galaxy’s defenders have been blown through a black hole, including the Silver Surfer! But the story doesn’t end there… In order to fight back the oblivion, Surfer will have to fight to save his own soul and not lose himself to the void. Follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways on a journey that will change him forever!

Stjepan Šejić
Sam Humphries
Jen Bartel
Paul Reinman

2018, Adventure

Bartel is the star here, with every issue showcasing panels that can be your new cover photo or phone wallpaper today. The prolific Humphries shares a beautiful earning 100% ★★★★ or ★★★★★ issues.

In this neo-noir fantasy, Nina Rodriguez is positive that a secret magic world ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just beneath the veneer of Los Angeles. The problem: everyone thinks she’s crazy. The bigger problem: she’s not crazy—she’s right. Can she unravel the mystery before the Great Beast catches up with her?

Mark Waid
Chris Samnee
Matthew Wilson

2014, Superhero – Crime

Starting and ending with ★★★★★ volumes, Daredevil 2014 is one of Waid’s three series in the 100, all of which are alongside Samnee. It’s a true wonder that, within a big publisher, the concluding volume comes to such an satisfying conclusion. Kingpin’s presence creates choices Matt Murdock must confront with body and soul.

Join Marvel’s fearless hero as he begins his most awe-inspiring adventure yet in the sunny city of San Francisco! Gifted with an imperceptible radar sense and a passion for justice, blind lawyer Matt Murdock–a.k.a. DAREDEVIL–protects the Golden City’s streets from all manner of evil. But big changes are in store for Matt Murdock as old haunts and familiar faces rise to give the devil his due.

Ed Piskor

2019, Superhero – Adventure

The first of two Grand Design entries in the 100, meaning that two out of three X-history series earned extremely high critical praise!

The series that has critics and fans raving returns for its final installment! The ruination of the X-Men revisited! Re-live the now-classic storylines like Mutant Massacre and The Fall of the Mutants. With appearances by Longshot, Cable, and The Marauders!

Mark Millar
Olivier Coipel

2018, Fantasy

Superstar creators Millar and Coipel’s collaboration on The Magic Order would be a great read for Millenial readers who grew up on Harry Potter but want mature themes. It’s among the strongest stories in Millar’s prolific career.

We live in a world where we’ve never seen a monster, and The Magic Order is the reason we sleep safely in our beds. Magic meets the mob in THE MAGIC ORDER, as five families of magicians—sworn to protect our world for generations—must battle an enemy who’s picking them off one by one. By day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends, and co-workers, but by night, they are the sorcerers, magicians, and wizards that protect us from the forces of darkness…unless the darkness gets them first.

Skottie Young
Jorge Corona
Jean-Francois Beaulieu

2018, Fantasy

One of Young’s best-reviewed series made an instant strong impression with critics and fans and delivered consistently over its run. Though there is a fantastical setting, Young’s writing is more straightforward, allowing Corona and Beaulieu to shine.

The lands between the coasts are vast, slow to change, and full of hidden magics. Mistakes have been made, and in this NEW ONGOING SERIES, an unwitting adventurer searches for answers to quell a coming storm that knows his name.

Ed Brubaker
Sean Phillips

2012, Crime

Serving as the longest Brubaker-Phillips collaboration in the 100, this series has room for multiple timelines, multiple heartbreaks, and plenty of tense, noir-focused action.

A reporter in 2012 stumbles on a secret that leads him down the darkest path imaginable to a seductive woman who’s been on the run since 1935, a mobster who may be an immortal demon monster, and the stories of all the doomed men who’ve been caught in their decades-long struggle. FATALE blends noir and horror to tell a riveting epic unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Andrew MacLean
Michael Spicer
Jordie Bellaire

2015, Fantasy

While this is MacLean’s only major series, and though it’s delivered in an unconventional publishing format, that’s part of what makes Head Lopper special. The first half of the series harbors the highest-rated issues, but its conclusion delivers catharsis among as the complex plotting comes to an end.

The Head Lopper, Norgal, and the nagging severed head of Agatha Blue Witch arrive on the Isle of Barra to find it overrun with beasts: minions of the Sorcerer of the Black Bog. When Queen Abigail hires Norgal and Agatha to slay the Sorcerer, our heroes trek across the island reliving the horrors of their heads—and playing right into the hands of a master manipulator.

Robert Venditti
Bryan Hitch
Andrew Currie

2018, Superhero – Adventure

One of the most convoluted character histories in mainstream comics is brilliantly explained and explored by collaborators Venditti and Hitch over the first year of this ongoing title. Deathbringer is a Must-Read volume for any superhero fan.

Spinning out of the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Carter Hall returns to the DC Universe! An explorer of the ancient and unknown, Hawkman finds himself embroiled in a long-standing mission to discover the true purpose of his many reincarnations. Carter races around the globe trying to piece together an ancient prophecy, but will he be able to face down his past lives lurking around every corner?

Kyle Starks
Chris Schweizer

2017, Adventure

“Your favorite and only Kung-Fu Hobo Epic” serves as a window into a unique period in American history and a glimpse at a rarely-culture – this series has a lot of heart, too.

The world’s toughest hobo is searching through post-World War II America for the mythological Rock Candy Mountain, and he’s going to have to fight his way to get there. Lots of hobo fights. So many hobo fights. A new action-comedy series full of high action, epic stakes, magic, friendships, trains, punching, kicking, joking, a ton of hobo nonsense, and the Literal Devil. Yeah. The Literal Devil.

Matt Fraction
Chip Zdarsky

2013, Crime

Fraction and Zdarsky, both making multiple appearances on the 100, deliver an emotionally resonant tale of vulnerability and discovery, while also providing laughs at the absurdity of sexual taboo.

Suzie’s a normal girl with an extraordinary ability: when she has sex, she stops time. One night she meets John… who has the same gift. And so they do what any other sex-having, time-stopping, couple would do: they rob banks.

Tom Taylor
Trevor Hairsine
Rain Beredo

2020, Superhero – Horror

While the original series garnered consistently-high marks among critics, the Dead Planet sequel is yielding an even higher ALFRED, and it sits as Taylor’s strongest series of three in the 100.

After a corrupted Anti-Life Equation turned billions into monsters-including Earth’s Greatest Heroes-our planet was as good as dead. Years later, a distress call brings Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, and Cassie Sandsmark-the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of Earth 2-back to a dead planet…but what will this new Justice League find waiting for them? If life still exists on Earth, who-or what-is lying in wait for these heroes?

Sean Gordon Murphy
Matt Hollingsworth

2019, Superhero – Adventure

This sequel to White Knight earned even better reviews than its predecessor. Curse has a larger scope, bringing in the history of Gotham and a wide range of new characters.

The Joker recruits Azrael to help him expose a shocking secret from the Wayne family’s legacy—and to run Gotham City into the ground! As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from danger, the mystery of his ancestry unravels, dealing a devastating blow to the Dark Knight. Exciting new villains and unexpected allies will clash in this unforgettable chapter of the White Knight saga—and the truth about the blood they shed will shake Gotham to its core!

#55 Batman: Three Jokers

Geoff Johns
Jason Fabok
Brad Anderson

2020, Superhero – Crime

The long-awaited blockbuster made an instant impression on critics and fans alike. Covering decades of Bat-lore and adding its own tense and vibrant vignettes, Three Jokers could be a classic that fans return to for decades.

After years of anticipation starting in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, the epic miniseries you’ve been waiting for is here: find out why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. It’s a mystery unlike any Batman has ever faced!

Sean Murphy

2012, Adventure

Murphy’s DC Vertigo book, while controversial, cemented him as one of the foremost writer-artists in the industry. Anti-establishment themes do not come at the expense of an emotional character journey.

J2, the TV series starring a clone of Jesus Christ, causes chaos across a near-future United States! Religious zealots either love or hate the show, angry politicians worry about its influence on the nation, and members of the scientific community fear the implications of cloning a human being!

Ed Piskor

2019, Superhero – Adventure

Piskor’s Grand Design trilogy might be the most ambitious and dense project in modern comics. Portraying highlights throughout X-Men history in a unique yet flexible style results in a Wikipedia page come to life. X-Tinction is the best of these three series, but do yourself a favor and read all three.

The series that has critics and fans raving returns for its final installment! The ruination of the X-Men revisited! Re-live the now-classic storylines like Mutant Massacre and The Fall of the Mutants. With appearances by Longshot, Cable, and The Marauders!

Steve Orlando
Riley Rossmo
Ivan Plascencia

2018, Superhero – Fantasy

After an enjoyable 2015 series focused on J’onn J’onnz, the character’s newest solo title is an absolute Must-Read. Orlando, Rossmo, and Plascencia service both the Martian’s current police work/co-worker conflict, as well as his origin on Mars. Heartbreaking and experimental throughout, the series peaked at its conclusion in issue 12.

A reinvention of the Manhunter from Mars in this twisted, unexpected series. Back on Mars, J’onn was about as corrupt as a law officer can be, and when a reckoning comes for his entire society, he’ll get a second chance he doesn’t want or deserve! One shocking murder, and an unexpected fragment of the Mars he lost, will change his life—and the course of the Earth—forever!

Jason Aaron
Esad Ribic
Ive Svorcina

2019, Superhero –  Fantasy

While ALFRED is built to reward consistency over time, this four-issue series made such an impression that it landed in the Top 100. Concluding Aaron’s contributions to Thor, Ribic and Svorcina reflect the grandeur of the character, especially in the wild and nostalgic finale.

All-Father of a broken realm and a dying universe, as he stood in battle against the Butcher of Gods, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Now that nefarious blade has returned, in the hands of Thor’s all-time greatest enemy – his brother, Loki – for one final, cataclysmic showdown. Behold the book no comics fan should miss – the celebration of the end of a truly Marvelous era.